Hi, I’m Matei.

I’m pretty good at 

I’m also a computer science student at UCSD, Class of 2023, hailing from Romania. I’m also a budding software engineer with a lot of experience in infrastructure and DevOps. I do dabble in pretty much everything, from computer hardware to artificial intelligence, and like experimenting with UI/UX design.

Talking is So Important

I continue to be amazed at how much communication and social skills improve your life. Here’s some anecdotes about that.

Why shouldn’t I use social media?

Instagram’s tempting me, I guess. But hey, let’s be open-minded and find out what I really think about social media.

I Miss Procrastinating

It’s been a while since I’ve touched this blog. Let’s have a chat about why.

I Want My Digital Newspaper Back

A long conversation about how push notifications have ruined the ability for you to not be doomscrolling and how RSS feeds can help fix that.

What am I doing right now?

I’m making a self-hosted online contact card! I own a dot.Card, and while I like their design, I don’t like that dot.Cards are not easily given to others, like a conventional paper business card (plus the NFC is finnicky). I’m basically exploring my options to see if I can make my own easily-updated contact card system that will be hosted on this page.


  1. Company
    Project Manager, Software Engineer
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    Systems Engineer Intern
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