I’m Matei Gardus. I clack keys on computer screens.

I have always really liked computers. Maybe too much.

At first, when I was 6, it started with being fascinated by my father’s mobile phone. Then his laptop. Then video games came around, and I realised the common pattern between the things I liked. Eventually, my love for computers grew beyond comsumption, and evolved into spending time tinkering with them, creating.

Like all youth, I’ve made my share of mistakes. I’ve exploded transistors, caused blue screens, and plenty other shenanigans. But like all humans, with time, I got better at it.

After tinkering with scripts and messing with Vim configs, I swore to do as much as I can to learn every single thing I could about computers, from top to bottom. Whether it was the physics of transistors up to the 600 layers of abstraction brought along by JavaScript frameworks, I wanted to know as much as I could about all of it.

Fast forward through high school and through college, and now I like to consider myself a solid generalist in all things computer science. I will admit, though, that I’ve spent far more time on DevOps than anything else. I’ve gone from learning basic cloud infrastructure paradigms to even deploying self-hosted mail servers and Kubernetes clusters. Most of my stuff is hosted on my own Kubernetes cluster from git.stormhub.io!

Nowadays, I’m pursuing a BS/MS program at UCSD. In the future, who knows what’s in store for me?