I LOVE talking. I take up every opportunity I can to do it.

While I enjoy having hours-long conversations about anything and everything regardless, I do enjoy occasionally employing my love for speaking to further better the world. I do a lot of presentations, some of which are listed here.


How to Deploy facebook.com

ACM UCSD, 2022

A reasonably comprehensive and fun workshop on the history of systems engineering and infrastructure management, from shell scripts to Kubernetes.

Organizing Your Life

ACM UCSD, 2020

The pandemic was pretty demoralizing for everyone, and I was very excited when I was asked to talk about productivity. This is a starter guide for those who are looking to get more productivity into their lives.


Okay, I'll Byte


A fun and chill podcast with one of my colleagues, Aaron James Eason, where we discuss various topics in our lives as computer science majors at UCSD.