I'm a 21-year-old student at UC San Diego, and I really like computers. Maybe too much.

It started with video games, but evolved into spending time tinkering with computers, exploding transistors, and messing with Vim configs. Now I mostly spend time on actual productive side-projects and testing my mettle on the nearly 7 years worth of studying and reading about everything related to computers I could find online or not.

Excluding computers, there are many other things I do as well, all while funneling life through my unique prism of humour and optimism.

What I know

Programming Languages

I know a few. Their full extent can be found on my GitHub repo "HelloWorld".

Machine Learning

Can't wait to automate more aspects of my life with that.

Some electrical engineering

Turns out you need hardware to make the software work.

Intermediate computer algorithms

3 years of Romanian high school ought to do that to you.


I have been told I'm good at Git and its commit messages by exactly one other person.

Life skills

Yes, that's important, too. I actually enjoy the simple minutiae of life, like cooking!

What I've made


An educational software designed to conduct tests and lessons using Java and Go as programming languages for my school. This is the project that taught me code collaboration with fellow coders, as well as following strict coding practices.


This ongoing collaboration with fellow colleagues in my class is a repository of all of the computer science exercises that my class has solved over the past two years on various Romanian coding websites, along with comments and explanations. Currently actively maintained by 2 people.


A website designed to use a match-making algorithm to pair people anonymously in a single chat room and allow for them to "grow" or "stay", much like project Robin of Reddit. Made during the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes of 2018, it won best backend and second best overall.

The Clapper

An electronic circuit designed to act as a latch switch and to switch state whenever it hears a clap near its microphone. Uses simple 3-transistor latch switch and alternative currents.

What I enjoy

  • Making other people enjoy life like I do
  • Seeing what makes things work
  • Breaking old things to bring life to new ones

I have a blog

I know, I know! Not a big surprise, but it turns out dumping your thoughts somewhere is a great cathartic experience. You can check it out here.