I’ve made a bunch of stuff in my time.

These projects span from my starter days in middle and high school, all the way to some of my more recent and advanced open-source projects. If you're interested, hit them up with a PR!

  • Kartana

    Lovingly named after the paper-based Pokemon, Kartana is a Discord bot used by ACM at UCSD to manage internal tasks needed to run the organization. The bot is written in very strict TypeScript and was an experiment to see how much a type system can be used to eliminate user errors. It continues to run today, saving the club loads of time handling simple tasks.


  • ACM UCSD Tech Stack

    During my tenure at ACM at UCSD I was the de-facto infrastructure manager for all hardware needed for the club. Despite being the only one doing this, I wrote an overengineered and well-documented set of Ansible playbooks and Terraform files documenting our deployments. They’re open-source and ready to deploy at any time.


  • ACM UCSD Membership Portal

    ACM at UCSD, a student org at my university, runs a membership portal in TypeScript where we measure event attendance and hand out free merch to participating students. I worked extensively on the frontend and backend, and I’ve also been a PM on numerous initiatives for both sides of the software stack.


  • VianuEdu

    An educational software designed to conduct tests and lessons using Java and Go as programming languages for my school. I worked primarily on the Go backend. This is the first project that taught me code collaboration with fellow coders, as well as following strict coding practices.


  • Probleme-Info-11G

    A collection of competitive programming problem solutions (i.e. Romanian Leetcodes) that were used by fellow colleagues and I to help tutor other students in the class on the material. Complete with comemnts and explanations for most problems!


  • The Clapper

    An electronic circuit designed to act as a latch switch and to switch state whenever it hears a clap near its microphone. Uses a simple 3-transistor latch switch and alternative currents.

    See schematics

  • BubbleChat

    A website designed to use a match-making algorithm to pair people anonymously in a single chat room and allow for them to "grow" or "stay", much like project Robin of Reddit. Made during the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes of 2018, it won best backend and second best overall.